Kings Triangle Project Update

Maidenhead regeneration brought to life

This is how Maidenhead could look by Christmas 2015, if councillors approve a developer’s £152m regeneration plans.

The new images – produced by Urban Edge, architects working on behalf of developer ING Real Estate Development – show how the Kings Triangle development could look in 2015, if the plans get the go-ahead from the council later this summer.

Tim Webb, ING Development Director, said: “These new pictures indicate the kind of high-quality materials and design we want to bring to Maidenhead.

“They show the layout of the new retail shopping area, new public open spaces, the direct, shop-lined, pedestrianised link into the Nicholson’s centre and the location of the new department store that will draw large numbers of shoppers into the town centre

“We’ve also started showing the images to potential retailers who are getting more and more excited about moving to and doing business in Maidenhead town centre.”

The proposals – set to deliver over 800 jobs in the town centre – have already received widespread support in Maidenhead. A total of 92% of residents who attended the scheme’s public exhibition in July said they backed the plans.

Local resident, Trevor Hunter has been following the proposals. He said: “The initial images gave you an idea of size and scale. But these latest ones are great and really show what a high quality, modern but commensurate design will be created in new public space and shopping areas, centering on a very much needed department store. I think everybody in and around Maidenhead should be very excited about what this proposal will do for the future vitality of the town from as soon as 2015.”

Listening to local people

Since unveiling the initial plans in March 2011 ING has made changes to take into account the feedback received from stakeholders during consultation. These are shown in the new images.

Jez Power, the project’s lead architect said: “As you can see from these images, we’ve responded to what people have discussed with us during the consultations. We’ve reduced heights of buildings to give the streets and open space more light. We’ve also set back and reduced the building heights on Queen Street to allow Kings Triangle to fit into Maidenhead town centre. Crucially, we’ve included a shop-lined link to the Nicholson’s Centre, which, along with the new network of streets and public spaces, will integrate Kings Triangle with the town centre.”

The plans are currently before the Council. If approved, Kings Triangle is scheduled to open in time for Christmas 2015.

Kings Triangle Project Update

Kings Triangle Project Update


Kings Triangle Project Update

Kings Triangle Project Update