Play Readings – Maidenhead Drama Guild

We will be reading potential one act plays for this year’s Maidenhead festival. This is a great opportunity for anyone who fancies having a go at directing. The pieces have been chosen would be relatively easy to stage, so great for any first timers who fancy having a go.

An Actors NightMare by Chris Durang
It is a well-known nightmare for all actors when they are thrown on stage in front of an audience and have no idea what t…he play is, what character they are or anything. What about if this really did happen? This comedy throws George into this exact scenario, but is it real or is it simply the actor’s nightmare?

Sinking by Les Clarke
Multi award winning play. Comedy. The play is set in Jessica and Paulie’s lounge. Jessica is trying to tidy the house before the man from the benefits office comes. She fears that if she doesn’t do everything right, their benefits will be cut off, and Paulie isn’t the most helpful person when it comes to giving a hand! 1 female, 2 males.

Please let him Simon know if you’re planning to attend

Simon Kelly’s House
40 Springfield Park
Holyport, Maidenhead, SL6 2YN

Tuesday, November 8 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Maidenhead Drama Guild

Maidenhead Drama Guild