Lidl / Lok’nStore – Stafferton Way – Update

Further to our previous correspondance on our proposed mixed use development of the former Target Ford Garage on Stafferton Way, I am writing to provide you with an update on progress. I have taken the opportunity to include a revised CGI of the proposed design.

Following the public consultation day in May, we have been liaising with local residents, statutory consultees and the planning department. We have considered all concerns and suggestions and have made the following changes to improve the design and layout: –

  •  Landscaping provision has been enhanced through the removal of parking on the front boundary of the site. This serves to soften the visual impact of the building.
  • After discussions with RBWM planners we have worked to create an “active frontage“, improving views onto the site and vastly improving the aesthetics. Design changes to achieve this goal include:
    • Decorative railings to the front boundaries.
    • Adding visual interest by increasing the amount of glazing and changing the design of the principle elevations.
    • Construction of a 2m wide footpath to the front boundary.
    • Each wing of the building represents a separate corporate identity through the use of different coloured cladding and differing glazing layouts. We have also worked on improving visual interest in the corporate logos by setting them in perforated metal sheets which sit proud of the building façade.
    • Inclusion of parent and child parking bays.

Please find attached the revised artist’s perspective of the proposed development: –

The application was submitted on the 26th September 2011, and a decision is expected by the 30th December 2011. Unfortunately, we believe that RBWM Development Control will recommend refusal of the application on the grounds of loss of employment under the Town Centre Area Action Plan. This is despite the proposed development providing twice the amount of employment floorspace required by the AAP, 9 times as many jobs as the previously approved stand-alone Lok’nStore, and an overall investment of £9M into Stafferton Way.

In terms of public response to our application we have received the following representations:

  • 1230 online petition signatures (
  • 686 hand written petition signatures (collected from public open day)
  • 127 individual support emails
  • 73 individual support letters

Your readers still have untill the 03.11.2011 deadline to make representations to the local council. Residents can use the online planning link to access the application ( Application Reference 11/02687/FULL)

If you have any queries with respect to the revised plans and submitted application, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,
Jason Gratton
Development Executive
Tel: 023 9225 8495

Lidl / Lok'nStore - Stafferton Way