Maidenhead to Lewes Bike Ride

It was a drunken idea suggested by both me (David Cox) and Dino Borge at the end of 2010 but we held ourselves to it. We were well prepared for our 87 MILE!! bike ride, training everyday for 6 weeks before the event and even a practice ride to the Maidenhead united vs Hampton game a few days before the event(20miles).

The bike ride it self went really well we left at 8am in the morning from the ground and arrive at Lewes ground about 5ish, the only hitch to the ride was me (David Cox) and Dino Borge losing each other once but with the help of another magpie fan (Barry Dunn- who was following in his van) it took minutes to find each other again.

This was one of the biggest challenge’s of my life so completing it proved to myself all the work hard i had put in paid off but also an even better feeling knowing I had raised over 600 pound for 2 good cause’s being; Maidenhead United Ground Improvements and The Link foundation charity which all funds raised were split 50/50. After doing this its now given me the motivation to do something for the club next season so i will look for a new challenge bigger and better than this year to not only go for another personal goal but to raise more money for my hometown club MAIDENHEAD UNITED!!

Up the magpies!!