Bad Girls the Musical

Norden Farm Centre for the Arts

“Bad Girls”
is a fresh, funny, poignant and original British musical, based on characters
and stories from the award winning and hugely popular ITV television drama.
It was developed by the creators of Bad Girls, Maureen Chadwick and Ann McManus,
in collaboration with composer and lyricist Kath Gotts, and director Maggie Norris.

Following workshops at the Old Vic and the New Players Theatre in London,
Bad Girls – The Musical premiered at West Yorkshire Playhouse in June 2006
and then opened at the Garrick Theatre London in September 2007. As per the television series, the musical is also set in the fictional setting
of HMP Larkhall and starts back at the beginning of the story in Series 1.
Never shying away from the darker side of prison life, Bad Girls explores the
warmth, compassion and defiant sense of humour that can triumph even behind bars.

The new idealistic Governor of G Wing, Helen Stewart, battles against
dyed in the wool long serving officers Jim Fenner and Sylvia ‘Bodybag’ Hollamby.
However, interwoven is the underlying sub-plot of the developing romance between
charismatic life inmate Nikki Wade and Wing Governor Helen Stewart.

Following a tragic death on the wing (in which guard Jim Fenner is implicated) an angry
protest from the women force Helen and Nikki to their opposite sides of the bars.
As he attempts to deflect any suspicion that falls on him,
it becomes clear that Helen stands to lose her job over Jim Fenner’s misdeeds.

The race is on for all the women to nail Jim once and for all.

So Bad, It’s Brilliant !

Tickets £11- £14. – 7.45pm
Box Office 01628788997

Tues. 22nd – Sat. 26th February 2011
at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts , Maidenhead

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